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The 16 year old pregnant teen; everyone judges. The breakup. You can picture it. The hate that comes not only from people at school, but from within the household she … Read more

Why Coaching?

I taught through the fall of 2019, and into the spring of 2020 – we all know what happened! Covid-19 hit and through it all, I taught remotely for the … Read more

Family & Holidays

As the holidays approach, the anxiety is settling in. As someone with a large family, and a split family, the holidays have always been full of stressors, anxiety, and honestly … Read more


As the days pass  the weight lasts  We are one  but act as none.  When will we realize we all share one eye one space one place?  We are in … Read more


The winds and waves feel like earthquakes  you expect them to stop  but they keep billowing.  Like rough waves on a sailboat  we clamor and clatter.  But know there is … Read more


There is nothing more we can do  than simply be.  Reflect.  Recharge.  Remake.  Remodel.  For we are always changing, but will always be.


Experiencing these deep boughs of nothingness and everything all at once. My soul does not feel fed. I feel like a stranger to myself, this experience, and this existence. This … Read more

Homeward Bound 

We are always on a journey home.  Home has many different meanings.  To me?  Home is inside of myself.  Inside of my mind.  Inside of my body.  Inside of my … Read more


We were always told that humanity’s problem was an identity crisis – that we don’t know who we are  and that is why there are so many problems,  why everything … Read more


On fire, On strike. Fighting for last breaths, Fighting for first cries. Breaking boundaries, The fires, the shouting Knowing we are shaking The founding. We stand on rocks, backs, and … Read more
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