Certified Intuitive Body Coaching

Let’s Work Together

My intention is to hold a safe space for you; a space for you to come and feel no pressure to perform. A space for you to explore who your truest self is, and to learn to develop a connection with your body. You are not broken and you don’t need fixing, and there is no expectation of perfection, or an arriving point.

This is a place where we are always learning and growing and it will look very different for each person

This is a judgment and goal free zone. 

I am currently offering a Complementary 15 minute discovery call to make sure we are a good match for one another!

In each session you will be given exercises and practices to utilize each week in accordance with what was discussed in the session. There are a myriad of practices available for us to work with according to your individual needs. Practices such as somatic exercises, grounding practices, co-regulation, poly-vagal theory, and many others.

These tools will be ones that feel most natural to you in your life: this doesn’t mean it will always be comfortable because this is hard and difficult work. But I promise that it will be joy centered, and the work will always be what is best for you.

$100 – Initial Session

Your initial session allows us to have a conversation about your vision for your coaching journey and your intuitive development. We will set and make known our boundaries, and get down to the specifics on why you’re here.

Session Packages

8* Sessions


12* Sessions


16* Sessions


*Does not include initial session

All sessions are 45-60 minutes long. A minimum of 8 sessions is required.

With each package, you have communication with me via email.

When you register for 16 sessions or more, you will have access to a private phone number where you can communicate with me during the working hours of the week. Payment is due at time of scheduling.

Interested in more than 16 sessions? Looking to continue after completing your session block? I have discounted pricing available to all continuing clients!

Are You Ready?

Contact me today to learn how a customized coaching plan can help you learn to trust yourself.