The Last Sentence

Intuitive Body Coaching by Natalie Meyers

Our body knows what it needs. We need to listen.

Your body has its own unique language. When you begin to slow down, you can hear what the body is telling you. This begins a connection of trust between yourself, and the body. You then learn to connect and be present within your own body. This is the Intuitive Body.

Why “The Last Sentence”

The last sentence of a chapter, a novel, and paragraph is simply the ending of that. It is not, however, the ending of an existence. There is always more. When I think of the ending of my favorite book, I can imagine what the characters’ lives continued to look like. You don’t truly reach the end because, there is a cycle.

Thinking about our bodies holding the last sentence, I imagine that it looks like our bodies releasing: tension, tears, laughter, noise, grief. And then the next experience comes. We can know that our bodies will lead the way, taking us to the last sentence to begin again.

Are You Ready?

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